Moonshot - Micah Johnson - November 17 – November 30, 2022

From his origins as a physical painter with Art Angels to a meteoric rise in NFTs and media with his groundbreaking Aku project, Micah has touched back down to earth to present “Moonshot,” a 15-work showcase encompassing the entire last year of his life – all expressed on paper and canvas. This first solo exhibition since January 2021 marks a monumental return for Micah to the physical art world. His array of new paintings pays homage to his charcoal-based origins, mixing darker tones with rich, bright colors while integrating themes of space and child empowerment through the aura of his wonderful young astronaut character, Aku. Aku began as a sculpture with 10 editions and has transformed into a staggering global movement that has seen Micah’s character featured on the cover of TIME Magazine and highlighted at Disney’s D23 Expo.

Micah’s impact as a creator has led him to become VISA’s first sponsored creator as well as having a work go to auction at Christie’s last summer. A standout work from the collection is a large-scale, figurative charcoal work of a girl in an astronaut helmet, a natural addition for the artist as he strives to convey that dreams are limitless and genderless. With his daughter now 3, he feels an even greater need to illuminate a world of endless possibilities for young girls. Art Angels feels it is imperative for everyone to see the full circle journey on which Micah has embarked and successfully completed. While no journey is ever truly over, it is only fitting that Micah touched back down at Art Angels to reconnect with his tactile roots through “Moonshot.”