Masking the Gaze - October, 2022

David Uessem presents point blank the dichotomy of perception versus reality. So often throughout his œuvre, imagery of the eyes can only be inferred as foil foils the viewer’s capacity to fully understand the subject. “Masking the Gaze” demonstrates a denial of vulnerability, curiosity and passion from the depicted subjects amongst a sea of other sentiments.

Uessem’s hyperrealist painting style is characterized by immense precision and his use of classic glaze layers. He acquired his precision and eye for the perfect subject while studying illustration at the IBKK in Bochum, Germany. Rarely does one find a flaw in his subjects, exhibiting a subdued elegance and grace as their feelings are muted by an undeniable lack of eye contact. When there is contact, it’s fleeting, producing even more intrigue in the viewer’s mind of why this veil rests upon their visage.

David Uessem will be displaying “Masking The Gaze,” a brand new series of captivating oil-on-canvas paintings, in conjunction with his “Pink Noise” NFT featured in the “Textures of Us” curation. As the gaze is fully obstructed, the window to the soul remains closed, but when there lies a slight opening in this aperture, it fascinates and leaves us guessing all the same.