World-Famous Photographer David Yarrow Continues to Push Boundaries

From his first major capture of a soaring Diego Maradona post-World Cup victory, highly acclaimed fine art photographer David Yarrow has mastered the art of storytelling with unparalleled perspective, consistently going to the greatest of lengths in the African wilderness and gathering the most recognizable faces in pop culture for iconic moments.

A foreword to his “Storytelling” book by Cindy Crawford along with frequent appearances from her, Cara Delevingne, Ciara, Josie Canseco, Brooks Nader and more contribute to the aura and comfortability he creates on set.

Yarrow has remarked that black and white photography has the power to eliminate the noise of extraneous colors, prompting and allowing the viewer to focus purely on subject and composition. Yarrow’s best-selling images have been bolstered by becoming high-performing investment pieces, proven time and time again with strong returns on the secondary market, recognition from HRH The Duke of Cambridge and leading British NGOs WildArk and Tusk for raising over $13m for conservation efforts across the world since 2017.

The first of many auction records Yarrow set began in 2018 with the sale of his iconic “The Wolf of Main Street,” selling for $80,000 at Sotheby’s, a staggering 400% above its mid-estimate of $20,000 as his first wolf release. To complement the success of his iconic and most recognized image of the wolf strutting through the saloon, a coveted edition of “The Wolves of Wall Street,” signed by Leonardo DiCaprio, Martin Scorsese and featuring the real Wolf of Wall Street – Jordan Belfort – sold for $200,000 at Art Miami in December 2019.

Yarrow has spent years capturing and perfecting the essence of one of the fiercest creatures on the planet, a feat of incredible skill symbolizing what so many collectors see in themselves. Each possessing their own “Je Ne Sais Quoi,” these images continue to be met with immense and continued admiration.
Since 2020, nine of Yarrow’s photographs, across his entire Wildlife series with subjects, ranging from tigers and lions to elephants and penguins, have gone to auction and each yielded over 40% ROI (return on investment). His most popular and high-selling works, of which the wolf consistently remains atop that list, continue to perform exceptionally well on the secondary market once the editions have sold out.

Yarrow’s entire collection of works is available with Art Angels as one of his premier galleries in the western United States.