Contemporary Artist Brendan Murphy Defies Limits, Increases Global Impact

Brendan Murphy’s artistic prowess, technique and inspiring messaging has resulted in worldwide installations and fandom with larger-than-life astronaut sculptures in Major League Baseball parks, upper echelon resorts and, most recently, a 23-foot tall titan in the Oslo, Norway center. 

Often larger than life, Boonji, his signature astronaut figure meaning “positive energy derived from creativity,” serves as a manifesto and raison d’être for Murphy as he continues to push boundaries in both his sculptural and painted works.

Consisting of emotional formulas and equations that depict the intricacies of human relationships, Brendan Murphy’s “fingerprint” and “chalkboard” works identify the unifying natures of humanity ensemble, mirroring our DNA and means of education. Through the layering of these emblems, Murphy’s painted works, on both canvas and vibrant chrome, boldly portray the imagery and density of the human experience, surfacing the deep-seeded natural beauty in each individual.

A Storied Professional Journey: From Athlete to Artist

With a rich professional background including European basketball player and Wall Street trader prior to a life of full-fledged artistry, Murphy’s prominence amongst the greats of many concentrations is appreciated and well-documented. His unique works have been collected by tennis stars Serena Williams, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal, who commissioned a special sculpture in his own likeness mid-serve for his sprawling courtyard. 

Additional notable collectors include lauded entrepreneur Warren Buffett, Google co-founder Larry Page, and A-list actor Ryan Gosling, Brendan Murphy is as impactful and world-renowned as the greats that preceded him and has been featured in Forbes for his multi-disciplinary foray, moving gracefully through each medium of focus.

Finding Success in the Metaverse and Beyond

Triumphantly entering the digital art space, Murphy achieved one of the largest primary market NFT sales to date, garnering $15.5 million in his 2021 Boonji Project drop featuring 11,111 unique digital tokens launched on the Ethereum blockchain. Mirroring Murphy’s mantra of building global community through art and sculpture, this sprawling collection of Boonji avatars establishes common ground and camaraderie through art on a universally accessible scale.

Moving through markets and past momentary trends, Murphy continues to create with heart on sleeve, ensuring that each poignant phrase is true to self and may uplift all who find resonance with his sentimental masterworks.