A Closer Look at Four of the Top Most Influential Contemporary Artists Today

It often seems arbitrary why artists become popular to the point of going viral. A lack of stylistic through-line between the highest-selling painters, photographers and mixed media masters prompts art enthusiasts to ask a more critical question: what is the intangible that drives worldwide artistic acclaim?

The truest common denominator in all of these artists achieving widespread cultural recognition is dedication to their personal vision, continuously innovating and pushing the boundaries of material and subject as their collections expand.

Four Artists to Watch

Art Angels Gallery is proud to present four of the gallery’s best-selling artists across all mediums that notably embody this adherence to self and evolution of form.

Christopher Florentino

Christopher Florentino, widely known as Flore in the contemporary art scene, emerged prominently in 2014 with his iconic Urban Cubism series. Inspired by the greats that preceded him – Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring and George Condo – these works combine his deep Brooklyn roots and exposure to the New York street art scene with fine art practice. An Urban Cubism painting was collected by The Nakamura Keith Haring Collection in Japan as a tribute to Flore for effectively continuing Keith’s street art legacy and strengthening his own.

Years of acclaim and recognition from this collection prompted Flore to further evaluate his passion for producing, birthing his highly successful Modernist series in 2017. These gestural abstract paintings channel his lifelong passion for Mid-Century Modern design and were featured at the 2022 Venice Biennale, the largest international art fair. Interpretation of and evolution past his New York School influences such as Joan Mitchell, Cy Twombly and Willem de Kooning have made Flore the choice of design-focused collectors worldwide.


Michael Moebius

Michael Moebius has rendered icons chewing gum the most recognizable symbol in pop culture since the icons themselves. One of the masters of hyperrealism painting, Moebius’ glistening, gripping portraits of Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn blowing hot pink and Tiffany blue bubbles sold remarkably quickly and are two of the most sought after silhouettes in the contemporary market. Winning the largest settlement ever awarded to a living independent artist is further testament to his originality and prowess in the contemporary world.

Moebius continues to push boundaries, highlighting icons in some of their most pivotal and vulnerable moments. With new works featuring unmistakable legends releasing in the coming months, collectors are always clamoring to secure these predestined pieces of art history.

David Yarrow

David Yarrow is arguably the most prolific black-and-white photographer in the world. From his unparalleled documentation of global wildlife to consistent, stunning collections with stars such as Cara Delevingne and Cindy Crawford, Yarrow has mastered the art of seizing the moment.

Composition and flow are paramount to Yarrow, who dedicates entire days to orchestrating the production of a few choice captures, namely from his lauded Storytelling series. As a testament to his immense value, an edition of his “Wolves of Wall Street II” photograph signed by Martin Scorcese and Leonardo Dicaprio sold at auction for $200,000. Not a single detail is neglected in each of his powerful images, and his balance of grandeur and simplistic elegance has viewers instantly knowing a Yarrow when they see one.

Russell Young

Russell Young is the visionary that brings new life to classic icons with a delicate, dazzling coat of diamond dust. Every silkscreen Young pulls of stars from Marilyn Monroe to Mick Jagger is done upon the same printing press that belonged to the late Andy Warhol, striking a rare, tender balance between classic and avant-garde, timeless through today.

A poignant shot of George Michael for the sleeve of his debut, Grammy-winning album Faith in 1987 catapulted Young into the mix of superstar depiction, evolving from inventive photographer to iconic artist. His work is included in many prominent private and institutional collections including those of David Bowie, David Hockney, Elon Musk, Elizabeth Taylor, Mark Zuckerberg, The Getty Collection in Los Angeles and The White House Collection in Washington, D.C.

Pictured: Russell Young observing his 45-piece Marilyn California collection at Art Angels Gallery in Los Angeles.

Collections from each featured artist can be viewed in full at artangels.net as well as on display for a limited time at Art Angels Gallery in Los Angeles.